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SUPERBET has launched its headquarters at Lot 2 Sandy Babb Street Kitty, on December 14, 2012. At the beginning there was only offering Sports Betting and when that proved to be successful, we have introduced the Virtual Games added to it. Our organization has over 24 enthusiastic and loyal employees, with three Game Centers and more coming. Our retail network consists of 27 agents across Georgetown, East Coast Demerara, Bush Lot Berbice and Bartica. Soon the remaining areas will also be provided with agents.


SUPERBET is a Surinamese company run by Guyanese, which focuses on offering all kinds of ways for its customers to bet on International Sporting Events in a socially responsible, safe environment, especially where quality, integrity and customer satisfaction are the main factors. Sports and games are basic values ​​in life, and we offer it in a creative, playful way. Our software programs are developed by our sister company YSECIT. We provide entertainment for adults

(18 +) and tailor our products to the wishes of our customers. Our staff is knowledgeable and is always motivated to grow. Contribute to society is our core value and we would like to give back in the form of sponsorship activities


SUPERBET has set a goal to offer, with higher chances of winning and excellent customer service are key. Both locally and internationally various high qualities and creative gaming


SUPERBET has three strategic objectives, namely:

Customer Satisfaction

We want to keep our customers happy and meet and therefore offer a wide range of games of chance. In SUPERBET the win possibilities such that there is a real chance that the customer gets value for money.

Social Responsibility

We are aware that we as an organization have a social responsibility and that we endeavor to support other sports, in particular football in Guyana. SUPERBET holds football in a high place and therefore will continue to sponsors more local sports programs.


The youth is very important to us, and our policy is they also protected. In all our agents is strictly paid attention only on presentation of a valid identity card a ticket can be purchased. Students in uniform are excluded from our shops.


For your convenience, we have a growing network of agents across the various regions where you can go for the different SUPERBET products. Our retailers will give you all the information you need and you are guaranteed of their quality and customer service. Want to know which retailer you go to? Click here for our retailer list.

Want to become a retailer?

You would need to have a good business location, internet and a suitable space for the sale of tickets and especially motivated staff.


Play it safe, in a pleasant environment

SUPERBET has three places where you go for Sports Betting and Virtual Gaming, If you are 18 or older and in possession of a valid ID, then you are welcome in any of our shops, where you are assured of your safety.


Your bets can be placed at the main office on SUPERBET 21-22 Hinck Street, 205W Charlotte Street, Stall 48 Orange walk Bourda or at any one of our agents. The shops are open from Sunday-Saturday 8.45am- 8.00pm.

Sports betting

Sports’ betting is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a bet on the outcome for profit. When profits are the odds in the combination of races multiplied together, and then the size of the bet. The maximum amount you can win a coupon of GYD $3,000.000.

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